We are Homes2win, and we want to revolutionise the way we sell property here in the UK.

​In this day and age, the younger generation will struggle to ever own their own house without saving for a huge deposit or getting help from family. It’s a huge undertaking and it’s only getting harder, but there’s no other way! So how about a system that gives everyone an equal and fair chance at winning their own, mortgage free, house? And it doesn’t stop there- people wanting to move along the ladder, invest in a rental opportunity or just enter for the chance of a winning a life-changing prize – everyone can benefit!

Homes2win offers everyone the chance to win a property with all stamp duty and transfer fees paid, and mortgage-free by simply answering a question and paying a small entry fee- it really is a life changing prize!

​Properties are provided by genuine sellers looking to take part in this brilliant new idea of passing their property on with the chance of making a real difference to someone’s life, but without having to sacrifice the financial benefits of selling it. The seller gets the full value of their property from competition entry costs. The stamp duty and transfer costs will also be incorporated into the competition costs.


The Idea
The idea is simple. We run a competition for each property with a target of achieving its market value. If you like the look of a property, all you have to do is correctly answer a question, complete your details and pay the
small entry fee to go towards our grand total. Correct answers will be placed into a draw and the winner will own the property. It’s that easy.



Sounds like a great idea already, doesn’t it? Well it gets better- every time we reach our target for a property, a portion of the money raised will go to charity. The more we sell the larger the donation gets so we really are helping everyone, even those who can’t afford a ticket, to get a roof over their head.


Think Outside the Box

Remember, even if you win the property, it doesn’t mean you have to live there. It offers you an opportunity to sell it on, rent it out, use it as a holiday home, whatever you like – it’s yours! Think of the wider picture and you’ve instantly created a better future for yourself by entering a 2-minute competition and the whole thing has cost you just £2.50.


Professional and Fair

We know there’s lots of legalities in the background which need to be covered when running competitions with such high value prizes, but that’s what we do. Homes2win makes sure the competition is legal, simple and as straightforward as possible for everyone with no nasty hidden charges or surprises.

We will only raise fair market value for houses, and no more. As soon as enough paid entries are received to cover the house value, stamp duty, solicitors and marketing fees, the competition will close.

There will be sceptics with plenty to say about this and I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but we feel this is a great solution to the property market at the moment, levelling the playing field for everyone offering better chances than the National Lottery!

Of course you will still have questions, this is a new way of doing things! So check out our FAQ section or get in touch – we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.