Competition Specific Terms & Conditions.


‘Main Terms and Conditions’ – here meaning those displayed on the ‘Homes2win’ website here.

1.This competition is for a 1 Bedroom Maisonette in Guildford GU1.

2.Pictures are shown but are for display purposes only.

3.The property will be transferred unfurnished but some built-in appliances will remain.

4.The property was built in 1989 and is on a leasehold with 971 years remaining.

5. The current Service Charge / Maintenance is £75 p/m and the current Ground Rent charge is £965 per year.  The winner will receive a contribution of £10,000 to cover these costs for up to 5 years.

6.The opening date for this competition is 20/12/2017

7.The closing date for this competition is 20/06/2018 *Subject to extension as per Terms and Conditions.

8.The minimum number of paid entries for this property to be released is 198,000.

9.The value of the prize, given on the page, includes value of property (£300,000),  contribution to Service Charges & Ground Rent for 5 years (£10,000), and relevant costs pre-described in the main Terms and Conditions.

10.All Terms and Conditions shown on this page are in addition to those in the main terms and conditions. Should any confusion or argument arise, the main Terms and Conditions displayed on the ‘Homes2win’ website will prevail and over-rule these.