New Company Looks to Level The Playing Field In The Property Market

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Let’s face it, UK house prices are getting crazy.  There’s so many estate agents on the high street these days, but if you’re like me, you won’t even bother torturing yourself by looking in the window unless it’s a rental property.  Because that’s just it, short of winning the lottery or having a rich relative pass down some inheritance, then you, like nearly half the UK population, will never own your own home.

What if there was a way of getting a home, mortgage-free and without having to pay stamp duty?  No, we’re not encouraging squatting!  Believe it or not, a brand new company based in Guildford is offering just that.

Founded by local businessmen, Steven Hopkinson, Robin Benjamin and George Schofield, Homes2win want to revolutionise the way property transactions take place. Enabling ‘generation rent’ to own their own property, removing the current market stagnation and eliminating estate agency fees.
They are looking to ride the new wave of successful “Home Competitions” currently flooding the housing market by individual vendors.

Steven stated, “Although there are many individuals trying to carry out competitions like these, very few get very far due to the complex rules and regulations set by the Gambling Commission and various other governing bodies, which mean they sometimes end up creating an illegal lottery or raffle.  Homes2win ensures that all these regulations are fully abided by and will run the competition for the vendor to ensure a smooth process.”

Homes2win competitions cost roughly the same as a cup of coffee, to enter and they even offer a free entry route via post.  With rough odds of just 1 / 190,000 on a £300k property, which is nearly 100 times better than the UK Lottery.

Robin says, “It’s all about thinking bigger.  Some people will say, ‘Why would I want to live there.”  But there’s more to it than that. If you win a home, you’re on the ladder, that’s the hardest part done.  You’ve now got options.  Sell it through the normal channels, via an estate agent and use the money to purchase or at the very least put a deposit on somewhere closer to where you want to live.  If you’ve already got a home, then you can generate a second income by renting it out.  Either way, you are going to be on the ladder or increasing your income and your life will be significantly improved.”

And what’s in it for the vendor you may ask?  Well for one, the vendor will get the full asking price for their property if the competition reaches the target, with Homes2win’s commission coming directly from the competition rather than the vendor. What’s more, there’s no viewings and no haggling over price.

George claims, “We will be factoring all costs into each competition so neither the vendor nor the competition winner will have to pay anything when the transfer of the home takes place.  Once a competition reaches its required target, then the draw will take place, no stamp duty for the winner to pay and no estate agent fees for the vendor – everyone wins.”

In the future, Homes2win envisage being able to complete competitions in a matter of weeks.  Rejuvenating the property market and levelling the playing field for everyone.

With almost 1 in 4 households set to be renting by 2021, this seems like the perfect solution.  This could be answer everyone has been waiting on.  Everyone deserves their own home, it’s a dream for some, and this is one way you may be able to achieve that.

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