When you enter a competition, you will complete your contact details, pay your entry and be directed to a “Thank You” page after payment is made.  We will receive your answer, name and contact details. If your answer is correct, you will be added to the list of entrants who go forward into the final draw. Here, one lucky winner will be selected independently and at random to win the property. If you’re lucky enough to be that person, you’ll be contacted shortly after the draw.
We aim to complete prize draws 10 – 14 days after the closing date and to contact the winner as soon as possible after this.The draw will take place in front of a group of independent press and guests. The winning entry will be picked by an impartial party using a random number generator- this will correspond to a row number on a spreadsheet with a name next to it. The whole thing will be streamed live.
You can enter as many paid times as you like to increase your chance of winning, however free postal entries are limited to ONE entry form per envelope.  Multiple batched-packed entries will not be accepted.  Entries without full postage paid or received after the closing date will not be accepted.

Most competitions run for 6 months, so we have plenty of time to build up entries.  However, in the event we don’t make our original target, we have a few options which will be chosen by the home owner.
1) Increase the length of the competition (up to 6 months extra maximum) in order to sell more entries and hit our target amount.

2) Accept a lower price on the property (If the total is very close to what they were looking for) and continue with the draw.

3) Run a prize draw where the winner will receive a cash alternative prize from the money which has gone into the competition up to the end date, but no property prize.

The status and decision of each competition will clearly be displayed on their respective pages.

When you enter you must provide 3 forms of contact. You’re responsible for making sure these details are complete and up to date.  These include a phone number, email address and physical postal address, some of which is taken from or cross-referenced with your payment.

If we cannot contact the winner within 21 days of the draw, another draw will take place for a new winner.

 Nothing- it’s completely free apart from the cost of the ticket. Every tax, duty and fee associated with a house sale is included in the ticket price so if you win you’ll have nothing whatsoever to pay until you move in.
You’ll be pleased to know that this whole idea is 100% legal and the process is fully legitimate.  In fact these type of competitions are very rigorously monitored by the Gambling Commission to ensure everything is fair and all above board.  There’s been a lot of paperwork, rules and regulations we’ve had to abide by, but we do it all so it’s easy for you guys – ENJOY!
There’s no catch, that’s the beauty of this. We’re honest, genuine and fair and the idea really does work for everyone.

A life-changing chance to get on the property ladder or win yourself the beginnings of a portfolio.  A revolutionary way to sell and the only one that’s truly free. And on top of it all, you’ll be donating to charity.

It’s everything we say it is. Trust us.

We receive a lot of entries daily, and all our email confirmations are automated, so sometimes confirmations can get lost or caught up in the backlog.  Not to worry, if you can’t find or haven’t received your confirmation, click here to request a resend of your confirmation.
If you’ve still got questions – get in touch, we’ll be happy to answer them.